LTE-M will support 5G IoT and mMTC applications in the future.

LTE-M, a machine-focused variant of the 3GPP LTE standard, is designed to meet the high-coverage, low-cost, and low power consumption requirements of the Internet of Things. A group of more than a dozen industry players evaluated LTE-M’s coverage performance, concluding that LTE-M supports the very deep coverage required for IoT applications.

This follow-up white paper:

  • Evaluates the message latency, battery life, and capacity performance for LTE-M category-M1 devices
  • Assesses LTE-M performance against the initial Cellular IoT requirements in 3GPP TR45.820
  • Compares LTE-M performance to the more recently published 3GPP 5G IoT or massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC) requirements

Download this white paper for the full analysis of how LTE-M is on track to support the future 5G IoT and mMTC application requirements.