Smallest Size, Lowest Power & All-Inclusive Cellular IoT Chipset

Follow the latest consumer trends

Consumer trends indicate a demand for smaller, thinner and sleeker wearables, challenging designers to shrink products without sacrificing performance. With an emphasis on small form-factor and long battery life, Cellular IoT offers reliable connectivity with autonomy from paired smartphones.

Address a wide range of customers

The ALT1250 enables slimmer personal smartwatches, allowing kids to connect with their parents, healthcare monitors to remain always connected and discreetly hidden, and wearables to help users stay safe, all without requiring a smartphone. In industrial settings, connected Cellular IoT clothing can help workers with Smart Shoes send hands-free messages via a continuous cellular connection, even from remote work sites.

Enable completely new use cases

Sony’s Altair all-in-one Cellular IoT chipsets are miniature-sized and ultra-low power, delivering independent connectivity via CAT-M & NB-IoT networks. Thanks to its dual-mode connectivity, along with integrated GPS, MCU subsystem, and the only tier-1 recognized integrated SIM (iSIM), new wearables can now serve uses previously unattainable.

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Smartphone-free Connectivity

Not having to rely on a smartphone offers people of all ages a new way to stay connected to the services they need most: Whether that’s a child connecting to their parent via a Cellular IoT connected wearable or an elderly medical patient who benefits from continuous health monitoring on the go.

From family communication to home medical monitoring and personal security, the ALT1250 reliably connects people in ways previously unobtainable.


For runners, swimmers, and sport enthusiasts who measure success in real-time, Cellular IoT enhances each activity without the weight of synced smartphones. From amateur to professional athletes, where pace and timing require light-weight connectivity, a Cellular IoT connected wearable is all you need. Next generation smart wearables are enabling personal fitness trackers that set you free.


Health Care

Patient care is at the forefront of Cellular IoT Connected Healthcare. Connected inhalers, glucose meters, and personal health stats monitors are improving lives with secure Cellular connectivity. With CAT-M and NB-IoT networks, patient care is transformed with devices that send live health status updates to a designated health care provider.

With both indoor and outdoor cellular coverage, hospitals can offer greater outpatient care, with remote progress monitoring of patients in the comfort of their own home. Patients can now spend more time with family while receiving same level care. Connected out-of-the-box means doctors are no longer reliant on a patient’s ability to set up technology by themselves, and a device can be given to a patient without dependence on their home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth availability.

Health Care

Personal Safety

For people who feel threatened or are in danger, Cellular IoT creates safety-enhancing opportunities even without a smartphone. The ALT1250 cellular IoT chipset keeps you connected even if your smartphone is forgotten at home or if you’re about to run out of power, and it allows joggers to run phone free.

Cellular IoT jewelry keeps panic buttons discreet so they don’t become a mental burden on wearers. A panic button can be discretely installed in a ring, keeping the user safe, even if their phone is stolen or out of range. Safety capabilities such as text message blasts, GPS tracking, and voice capabilities, keep the wearer safe via reliable cellular connectivity.

For situations where seconds matter and reliability is top priority, there is no better alternative than Cellular IoT.

Personal Safety