The Market's Most Advanced LTE CAT-1 IoT Chipset

The ALT1160 is an LTE CAT-1 chipset featuring downlink speeds of up to 10 Mbps and extremely low power consumption. This IoT-optimized chipset is highly integrated and incorporates an advanced on-chip power management unit, integrated DDR memory and a low-power application layer. The ALT1160 has a robust security framework for customer developed applications.

Featuring a rich set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces, the ALT1160 is ideal for integration in applications such as wearable devices, video surveillance cameras, smart home gateways, digital signs, industrial routers and drones.

ALT1160 has mature, carrier-certified software, deployed in mass markets globally. This chipset has a wide manufacturing and test solutions ecosystem.



  • CAT-1, 10 Mbps DL and 5 Mbps UL
  • Release 13 features including eDRX, PSM and enhanced coverage
  • Integrated VoLTE, IMS, and OTA-DM with HD voice functionality

System on Chip

  • 4th generation Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture featuring maximum flexibility at extremely low power
  • Embedded Power Management Unit (PMU) featuring ultra-low sleep/standby current consumption
  • Low-power, embedded application layer for customer developed applications
  • Secure boot architecture and a robust hardware-based security framework
  • Embedded VoLTE support
  • Robust, carrier-certified and field-hardened protocol stack and L1 software
  • Flexible packaging, available in BGA and bumped-die form


  • USB2.0, UART, SPI, I2S/PCM, Auxiliary PWM and ADC, Camera, USIM

RF Features

  • Low-power RF CMOS architecture
  • Two antenna ports supporting 400-2700 MHz range

Starter Kits