Smart Meters

Cellular IoT connectivity for smart meters – Long battery life, high reliability, security and efficiency.

Smart Metering for an IoT Connected World

With IoT increasingly becoming part of the everyday environment, smart meters are expected to be installed in 60% of homes worldwide by 2028. Smart meters, which include smart water meters, gas meters and electricity meters, are becoming the industry standard as they offer better management of energy networks, improve forecasting and customer service and enable more efficient energy usage for consumers. The global market is expected to reach nearly $28.6 billion by 2025.


Market Growth Driven by Utilities and Governments

Rather than being driven by consumers, market growth is driven by the utility companies themselves, with their continued drive to improve their operational efficiencies in billing and labor savings on meter reading as well as customer experience. Precise real-time knowledge and control over supply points enable utilities to minimize power outage time and provide a higher-quality, more personalized service to consumers. These benefits to the utility companies make the initial investment in converting traditional meters to smart meters worthwhile due to the improved efficiencies and monetizable services they can offer. Realizing the tremendous benefits, regulation also supports market growth with many governments mandating deployment of smart meters.

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Fast time to market

Our all-inclusive globally certified cellular IoT chipset provides out-of-the-box connectivity. With in-house certified labs and a complete ecosystem approach, you are ensured rapid time to market.

Reliable connectivity and field proven

Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipsets are largely deployed in Japan, consistently proving low power capabilities and long battery life for gas meters in real life conditions, including extreme weather conditions and rural areas with limited coverage.

Sony Semiconductor IL (Sony) is your solution partner, at your side when designing your next generation smart meters (gas, water and electricity), smart equipment, and smart infrastructures.

15+ Year Battery Life

Ultra-low power consumption is the foundation of our cellular IoT Chipset - ALT1250, providing the longest battery life for smart meters. Our solution ensures your device remains always connected throughout its lifetime.

Today, Sony’s Altair chipsets provide cellular connectivity for all cellular-connected smart gas metering projects in Japan, thanks to our 15-year battery-powered performance, real-time remote access and proven commitment to performance, security, and safety.

The Benefits of Cellular IoT for Smart Meter Connectivity

Cellular IoT (LTE-M and NB-IoT) presents an ideal solution for smart meter connectivity due to its lower TCO (total cost of ownership), high-efficiency, best in class security, guaranteed service over time, ubiquitous coverage, global reach, long-term capabilities and the backing of MNOs.

This future-proof standardized technology offers plug and play simplicity, security, and an easy roll-out. Furthermore, LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity enables large scale deployments of smart meters while re-using existing communication infrastructure, reducing the initial investment for utilities and easing the burden of infrastructure maintenance over time. Sony’s Altair addresses this market by offering low power, highly integrated LTE-M and NB-IoT solutions for smart water, gas and electric meters.

The Benefits of Cellular IoT for Smart Meter Connectivity

Build Smarter Meter Technology with Sony’s Altair Cellular IoT Chipsets

With low power consumption, delivering extended battery life, reliability, easy out-of-the-box experience and cost efficiency essential to smart metering, Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipsets provide everything you need to bring your grid into the future.

Build Smarter Meter Technology with Sony’s Altair Cellular IoT Chipsets

Working Together to Shape the Future of Smart Metering

Smart meters present endless opportunities. By providing proven and future-ready Cellular IoT solutions, we enable our customers to capitalize on this growth opportunity and realize the full potential of smart grid industry transformation.

Connect with us to reap the benefits of successful smart metering.

Working Together to Shape the Future of Smart Metering