Cellular IoT Applications

Sony Semiconductor IL (SSI) is leading the way in innovative Cellular IoT applications. Our diverse range of application solutions caters to a variety of use cases, including Mhealth, trackers (for vehicles, individuals, pets, and assets), wearables, smart meters, and smart cities. What sets us apart is our ultra-low power, small size chipsets with high integration capabilities (incorporating integrated MCU, GNSS, and iSim). Experience the future of connectivity with Sony Semiconductor IL.

Smart Meters

With IoT increasingly becoming part of the everyday environment, smart meters are expected to be installed in 60% of homes worldwide by 2028. Smart meters, which include smart water meters, gas meters and electricity meters, are becoming the industry standard as they offer better management of energy networks, improve forecasting and customer service and enable more efficient energy usage for consumers. The global market is expected to reach nearly $28.6 billion by 2025.


Consumer trends indicate a demand for smaller, thinner and sleeker wearables in IoT, challenging designers to shrink products without sacrificing performance. The ALT1250 enables slimmer personal smartwatches, allowing kids to connect with their parents, healthcare monitors to remain always connected and discreetly hidden, and wearables to help users stay safe, without requiring a smartphone. Sony’s Altair all-in-one Cellular IoT chipsets are miniature-sized and ultra-low power, delivering independent connectivity via CAT-M & NB-IoT networks. Thanks to its dual-mode connectivity, along with integrated GPS, MCU subsystem, and the only tier-1 recognized iSIM, wearables in IoT can now serve uses previously unattainable.


Sony’s Altair chipsets are designed to answer the needs of a wide range of trackers. Personal, pet and asset tracking IoT solutions require highly optimized hardware providing low power connectivity and long battery life, in a small package at an affordable cost. Vehicle telematics device manufacturers need an install-and-forget battery-powered solution that can remain continuously connected while being low power, compact, and free of in-vehicle wiring. Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipsets are ideal for asset trackers, vehicle trackers and personal trackers by providing ultra-low power consumption with a HW based security engine, iSIM & GNSS functionality in small SiP packages.

Smart cities

Sony Semiconductor IL (SSI) is revolutionizing smart cities with chipsets featuring LTE connectivity, supporting a broad range of use cases, from 10 Mbps CAT-1 for applications such as video, to narrowband CAT-M1 and NB1 for efficient sensor communication.

Comprehensive sensor compatibility enables real-time monitoring of water levels, light intensity, temperature, air quality, waste volume and more. With integrated GPS, precise location information empowers smarter decision-making. Plus, their ultra-low power consumption ensures extended battery life and reduced maintenance costs for smart city infrastructures. Embrace sustainable development and enhance urban experiences with Sony’s Altair chipsets.

Mobile health and monitoring devices

Mobile health (mHealth) and monitoring devices have seen explosive growth in recent years, making it easier for patients to manage their health remotely. IoT devices require highly optimized hardware offering reliable communication, high security, small size, long battery life and affordability. Product tracking is also essential for ensuring quality care such as monitoring of intensive care beds, defibrillators, pharmaceuticals & vaccine cold chain tracking. Sony’s Altair chipsets offer ultra-low power consumption, small size, extended battery life, and high reliability. They provide an easy out-of-the-box experience and cost efficiency, giving you everything you need to develop the Mobile Health device.