Vehicle Trackers

Enhanced performance and connectivity that maximizes your assets

The growing need for install-and-forget vehicle trackers

Auto-leasing, fleet management and financing companies seek a reliable, long-lasting solution to track and manage financed vehicles. However, legacy solutions that require wiring telematics devices to the car’s power source make installation expensive and devices vulnerable to tampering. That’s why today’s vehicle telematics device manufacturers are looking for an install-and-forget battery-powered solution that can remain continuously connected while being low power, compact in size, and free of in-vehicle wiring – to minimize the risk of removal and need for maintenance.

Save unforeseen repairs and high premiums

Real-time feedback allows fleet managers to better budget for repairs and reduce the overall cost of vehicle operations. Managers get valuable insights needed to increase fuel efficiency, check the status of key components, or receive instant notifications of a malfunction under the hood. They can also choose to share information with insurance companies, encouraging reduced premiums as a reward for safe driving.

Providing unmatched performance in the vehicle trackers market

Based upon a deep understanding of the pain points and specific needs of vehicle management industries, we offer a cellular IoT solution that enables the powering of a small-form, wire-free vehicle telematics device. Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipset provides the market’s smallest, longest-life, lowest power consumption, and most secured connectivity in the vehicle telematics services market.

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Ultra-low power consumption

Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipset enables vehicle telematics devices to operate autonomously on small batteries for over two years, eliminating the need for charging or maintenance and enabling the tracking of a vehicle throughout the life of the loan.

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Compact size

The small form factor enables a compact device which can be placed almost anywhere in a vehicle unobtrusively. It can be easily moved when needed, reducing the risk of vandalism or removal by vehicle users.

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The wire-free, self-powered unit does not require a professional installation technician and can be placed in the vehicle in minutes. This significantly reduces the logistical challenges and overall costs of vehicle tracking.

Accurately track and recover vehicles

Locate and secure your vehicle remotely with ALT1250 enabled vehicle tracking solutions. Our highly integrated chipset enables modules as small as an 11cm x 11cm footprint yet holds all the components needed, including; modem, MCU, integrated SIM and Sony based GNSS solutions – to recover a lost or stolen vehicle. By providing location pinpointing, speed notifications, pattern tracking, and much more, in a low-power, small, easy-to-install and conceal vehicle telematics device, financing companies now have a cost-effective and tamper-proof way to accurately track and recover vehicles when necessary.

Reduce maintenance costs, increase efficiency and reliability

Altair by Sony enables Cellular IoT connectivity, helping to remove the guesswork from vehicle maintenance. The integrated chipset comes with ultra-low power GNSS location services, along with the ability to securely connect shock, gas, temperature, and component sensors – allowing devices to deliver the real-time data needed to keep fleets functioning smoothly.

Accurately track and recover vehicles

Rapidly build functional Cellular IoT applications

Sony’s Altair chipset features a hardware-based security framework and a rich set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces, ideal for integration in a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications. It incorporates all the key capabilities needed to quickly build functional Cellular IoT applications. The chipset comes integrated with a best in class CAT-M and NB-IoT modem alongside a low-power Cortex M4 MCU, dedicated for application execution. Network credentials are securely stored on the built-in integrated SIM (iSIM). A battery and antenna are all that is needed to launch the device.

The industry’s most advanced IoT chipsets

As the only solution capable of meeting the ultra-low power requirements of vehicle management industries, Sony’s Altair chipsets now provide connectivity for vehicle telematics globally. With our unique solution, vehicle telematics vendors are now able to open new opportunities for finance and leasing companies, equipping them with real-time data needed to make informed decisions and protect their valuable assets.