Smart Cities

Develop secure, smart city devices with low-power, hybrid connectivity, and high-performance cellular IoT chipsets

Smart Cities – Redefining urban living

Smart cities are revolutionizing urban landscapes worldwide. By harnessing advanced technology, data-driven solutions, and sustainable infrastructure, cities have entered a new era of efficiency and innovation. Unleashing the power of IoT devices, traffic flow is seamlessly managed and energy consumption optimized. Smart cities are not only focused on technological advancements but also on improving the quality of life for citizens through sustainability, connectivity, and accessibility.


Cellular LPWA connectivity is transforming smart cities

Cellular LPWA connectivity is fundamentally transforming smart cities by providing the necessary infrastructure for interconnected services and systems. It enables the extensive deployment of IoT devices, allowing seamless communication between sensors, devices, and systems. Real-time, reliable data transmission facilitates efficient monitoring and management of various city systems, including traffic flow, energy consumption, and air quality. Authorities can remotely monitor and control city systems, enhancing their ability to respond to issues promptly. Cellular LPWA connectivity enhances public services like smart parking and emergency response systems and improves efficiency and sustainability efforts through smart grids and optimized transportation systems. Cellular connectivity acts as the backbone of smart city initiatives, creating more efficient and responsive urban environments.

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Lowest Power LPWA Chipset

The ALT1350 advanced architecture sets a new bar in ultra-low power consumption, boosting battery lifetime, reducing concerns by IoT service providers. Battery-operated devices can benefit from a 4-times longer battery life for typical use cases compared to previous generations.

Multi-protocol Network

ALT1350 integrates a 5G cellular modem as well as sub-GHz and 2.4GHz integrated transceiver to enable hybrid connectivity for smart meters, smart cities, and other devices. This enhances coverage, reduces costs and further decreases power consumption utilizing IEEE 802.15.4 based protocols such as Wi-Sun, U-Bus Air, wM-Bus, and additional standard / proprietary point-to-point mesh technologies.

Most Integrated

Within a single die, our chipset comes integrated with a best-in-class LTE-M and NB-IoT modem alongside a low-power Cortex M4 MCU, dedicated for application execution. Network credentials are stored on the built-in integrated SIM (iSIM), eliminating the need for an external SIM size and cost, along with integrated Sony GNSS to pinpoint the device location and more valuable integrated applications (sensor hub, Wi-Fi positioning etc.). Adding a battery and antenna to ALT1350 based module are all you need to launch your device.

IoT requirements for smart cities

The implementation of IoT in smart cities requires a reliable and widespread network infrastructure, including cellular networks and other LPWAN options to support the massive number of interconnected devices such as smart meters, smart lighting, EV chargers, smart parking and many more. The systems must also be scalable and allow seamless communication across different platforms and technologies. Robust security measures are crucial to protect data and citizens’ privacy, including encrypted communication and stringent access control. Standardized protocols and interfaces ensure compatibility and facilitate future expansion.

Transform your smart city with Sony’s Altair Cellular IoT Chipsets

With Sony’s Altair, better connectivity means smarter cities. Sony’s Altair IoT chipsets provide ultra-low power consumption, a miniature size and extended battery life, reliability and cost efficiency – offering everything you need for the ultimate smart city.

Partner with us for IoT-enabled smart cities

Partner with us for IoT-enabled smart cities

At Sony Semiconductor Israel, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed in their smart city initiatives. With years of experience in cellular IoT and a commitment to delivering the highest-quality solutions, our Altair Cellular IoT chipsets provide the ideal foundation for building comprehensive smart city systems. Our chipsets have been successfully deployed in countless smart city devices worldwide, showcasing our ability to deliver reliable and future-ready solutions. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we empower our customers to unlock the full potential of smart cities.

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