ALT1255: NB-IoT with 2G Fallback

Ultra-Low Power, Highly Integrated Cellular IoT Chipset for NB-IoT Networks

As we witness the incredible growth of IoT adoption, NB-IoT is fast emerging as the leading LPWAN technology for a wide range of IoT use cases that simply weren’t possible before. Thanks to new efficiencies in cost, power usage and form factor, the ALT1255 single-mode NB2 (NB-IoT) chipset is designed for rapid and seamless integration in a variety of verticals, including smart meters, logistics, telematicswearables, utilities and smart city applications.

Sony’s Altair Cellular IoT ALT1255 is the most integrated, cost optimized NB-IoT chipset with 2G fallback available in the market. 5G ready, the ALT1255 is designed with an integrated SIM (iSIM), user MCU, rich application layer, and GSM/GPRS fallback modem.  Its built-in iSIM removes any barriers regarding cost, size, and power, while providing an additional layer of security.

The ALT1255 is part of the low power cellular IoT ALT125x family whose chipsets share software architecture, a modem application and networking layer, and APIs for fast and easy integration within the Altair product family.

The ALT1255 offers out-of-the-box secure cloud connectivity, using multiple industry accepted communication protocols, including power efficient COAP and LWM2M. 

It is trusted by carriers, iSIM ecosystem partners, and developers designing IoT devices. With 2G fallback capability, coupled with our CAT-1, Dual Mode M1/NB, and NB-IoT solutions, you can now benefit from a complete chipset portfolio focused on Cellular IoT.


ALT1255 - Highly Integrated

ALT1255 incorporates all the key components needed to quickly build functional Cellular IoT applications: An LTE baseband processor, RF transceiver, memory, cellular based location, MCU subsystem, and a hardware based integrated SIM (iSIM). Completing the solution, ALT1255 includes a low power ARM Cortex M4 Application MCU, fully separated from the modem and designed to run user applications, as well as an adaptation layer to interconnect within the existing ecosystem.

Integrating your device is easy. Simply connect the prime or rechargeable battery and antenna.  


Ultra-Low Power

With a focus on ultra-low power consumption in a variety of modes, including PSM and eDRX, the ALT1255 allows optimized power for relevant Cellular IoT use cases. It enables exceptionally long battery life in real-life applications; from weeks for smart wearables, to 3 years for trackers and up to 15 years for smart meters.


2G Fallback

As 2G still plays a vital role for some markets, we designed the ALT1255 to complete our Cellular IoT solution portfolio by addressing NB only and NB/2G applications. Its GSM/GPRS modem fills the gaps in LPWA network coverage and allows future-proof technology deployment in countries with mixed 2G/NB coverage. 


The NB-IoT Chipset is Cost Optimized

This next-gen NB-IoT chipset is the ideal solution for cost-sensitive low power IoT applications. The ALT1255 makes it possible for device manufacturers to develop cost-effective low power connected devices that can be deployed on a global scale for control, monitoring and management of utilities and smart cities, for use in m-health devices, or next generation supply chain trackers, as well as a large variety of additional LPWA applications.


High Quality

Developed in-house by Sony and based on our LTE-M/NB ALT1250 chipset, the ALT1255 leverages its mature, broadly accepted and globally certified technology. Designed with Sony’s pledge of quality, the chipset has received Global Certification Forum (GCF) certification, allowing accelerated module and device certification.