Leading the way in innovative Cellular IoT chipsets

Sony Semiconductor Israel is a leading provider of innovative, ultra-low power, highly secure LTE CAT-M & NB-IoT Cellular IoT chipsets. Deployed in millions of devices worldwide, we offer a range of chipsets for different uses – from wearables to vehicle telematics, smart utility meters, personal and logistics trackers, home appliances, consumer electronics, and more.

Read on to find out which chipset is right for your product.


The ALT1350, 3rd generation, highly integrated chipset has been developed to answer the evolving and growing needs of the cellular LPWA IoT market. Specifically designed to support 3GPP release 15/16/17 LTE-M/NB-IoT, this is the world’s first cellular IoT chipset that offers unlicensed spectrum communications protocols and satellite connectivity (NTN) all in a single chipset. By combining these advanced features, ALT1350 brings faster development, lower power consumption, smaller form factor, and reduced costs, making it an ideal fit for optimizing use cases while accommodating emerging trends.

ALT1250: CAT-M & NB-IoT and 2G Fallback

Designed for cellular IoT applications from the ground up, the ALT1250 is engineered for devices which prioritize battery life and small size. This full solution, 5G ready, Dual-Mode LTE-M & NB-IoT chipset with 2G fallback and optional satellite connectivity (NTN) is built to evolve along with the IoT service and cellular network.

All the built-in security features ensure your IoT service is reliable throughout your device’s lifetime. Plus, with all the key components enabling miniature module sizes as small as 100mm², it’s never been easier to incorporate cellular IoT into your applications.

ALT1255: NB-IoT with 2G Fallback

Sony’s Altair Cellular IoT ALT1255 is the most integrated, cost optimized NB-IoT chipset with 2G fallback available in the market. 5G ready, the ALT1255 boasts of an integrated SIM (iSIM), an advanced MCU, and rich application layer, all backed by a reliable GSM/GPRS fallback modem. Its built-in iSIM eliminates any barriers regarding cost, size, and power, while offering an additional layer of security.

As part of the low-power cellular IoT ALT125x family, these chipsets come equipped with shared software architecture, a modem application and networking layer, and APIs for easy integration within the Altair product family.

ALT1160: LTE CAT-1 IoT Chipset

The ALT1160 delivers with downlink speeds of up to 10 Mbps and incredibly low power consumption. Designed specifically for IoT applications, this highly integrated chip includes an advanced on-chip power management unit, DDR memory, and low-power application layer. Plus, with a robust security framework for customer apps and a rich set of host, peripheral, and sensor interfaces, the ALT1160 is perfect for wearable tech, video surveillance, smart home gateways, industrial routers, and drones. And with mature, carrier-certified software and a wide manufacturing and test solutions ecosystem, the ALT1160 is ready to take your IoT devices to the next level.