Logistic & Asset Trackers

Small size, long battery life and seamless global cellular IoT connectivity

Keeping a step ahead of your supply chain

In an increasingly complex and globalized logistics landscape, being able to accurately track assets as they move through the supply chain can be a huge advantage for businesses, unlocking new opportunities for optimization through digitalization of supply chains based on real-time data analysis.

From location to data-driven operational visibility

Asset tracking goes well beyond location tracking and includes tracking of: Continuous environmental conditions, indications of how long a shipment has remained in a truck or warehouse, whether it has been tampered with in anyway or mishandled. This information can be used to resolve disputes, provide evidence for insurance claims or help companies make changes in their supply chains that could save money and improve efficiency.

IoT requirements for asset tracking

Asset trackers require highly optimized hardware providing low power connectivity and location transceivers to enable long battery life, in a small package and at an affordable cost.

Unmatched performance in the Logistics Asset Tracking market

Sony’s Altair cutting-edge cellular IoT chipsets are ideal for asset trackers, designed from the ground up for ultra-low power consumption, featuring a HW based security engine, integrated SIM (iSIM) and GNSS functionality, all in a miniature sized SiP. 

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Ultra-low power consumption

Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipsets provide low-power, wide-area connectivity - maintaining the device’s low-power consumption and enabling years of battery life, while offering useful data and asset location in real-time. Companies can make much smarter, data-driven decisions that help reduce cycle-times as well as loss-rates of both assets and goods

Fast time to market

Our all-inclusive field-proven globally certified cellular IoT chipset has passed all functional tests and is used by leading global module vendors. Customers can use a module vendor of their choice and can effortlessly migrate from one chipset to another. Our integrated SIM provides out-of-the-box connectivity and ensures rapid installation. Our accredited pre-certification lab ensures certification compliance. For all these reasons, companies can design with confidence and launch fast.

Global connectivity

To ensure multi-market and versatile carrier support, Sony’s Altair breakthrough OneSKU™ RF technology enables support of any LTE band combination on a single hardware or module design. This provides module and device vendors with a truly global solution without increasing solution size or cost.

Track supply chains globally in real-time

Supply chains are often spread across several geographies, which requires asset tracking devices to support world-wide coverage. While transitioning between regions, often the communication infrastructure changes. This requires the devices to support connectivity and mobility across multiple network operators to ensure always-connected solutions with the most current data reporting. Sony Altair’s solutions answer these needs. Deployed in hundreds of designs, they are certified by world leading operators to ensure seamless continuous connectivity for asset tracking devices across a range of geographical regions.

real-time data analysis

Minimize design effort

The small form factor of Sony’s Altair chipsets enable compact, portable devices which are easy to place on any asset.

Sony Altair’s ALT1250 is a highly integrated chipset in a small footprint, embedding all required components for cellular IoT connectivity, including: LTE- -M/NB-IoT modem, MCU, integrated SIM and GNSS, enabling miniature module sizes as small as 100mm².

Ensure greater sustainability

The integrated SIM in the chipset leads to greater cost efficiency due to fewer materials, easy provisioning and logistics. Simplification is key, with multiple components in one chip for seamless integration and a single SKU. Minimizing disposable components, copper tracks, plastic and logistics, ensures greater sustainability and faster time to market.

Asset Trackers

Benefit from highly secured communication

With our ALT1250 CAT-M & NB-IoT cellular IoT chipset, you gain secured communication. We provide the first and only security architecture approved by tier 1 operators, with built-in security designed from the bottom up. OTA upgrades keep the tracker relevant and secure years after installation.

Partner with us for Cellular IoT-enabled logistics asset tracking

At Sony Semiconductor Israel, we are committed to our customers’ success. Backed up by years of cellular experience and committed to the highest quality, we offer the optimal cellular IoT chipset to create a comprehensive Asset Tracking solution

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