ALT1250: LTE-M & NB-IoT and 2G Fallback

Ultra Low Power, Ultra Small, Most Secured and Highly Integrated Cellular IoT Modem

The ALT1250 is a highly-integrated dual mode LTE-M/NB-IoT modem with 2G fallback, engineered specifically for cellular IoT applications that prioritize battery life and small form factors. This advanced modem solution features an integrated SIM (iSIM), MCU, and rich application layer, enabling miniature module sizes as small as 100mm². It is 5G ready and offers optional satellite connectivity (NTN), ensuring it can evolve alongside your IoT service and cellular network.

With built-in security features, the ALT1250 modem delivers reliable and secure connectivity throughout your device’s lifetime. It was designed with device makers and users in mind, and is ideal for a variety of applications, including smart meters, wearables, asset tracking, vehicle telematics, and smart cities.


Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The ALT1250 modem sets a new standard in ultra-low power consumption, significantly extending battery life and reducing maintenance costs. With its advanced power management capabilities, the ALT1250 enables IoT devices to operate for extended periods, ranging from weeks for smart wearables to over a decade for smart meters. By eliminating frequent battery replacements, the ALT1250 modem powers a more sustainable and efficient IoT ecosystem.


Smallest Form Factor

The ALT1250 modem is ideal for space-constrained applications. Its high level of integration and minimal required external components enables module sizes as small as 100mm², making it perfect for the smallest cellular IoT modules on the market.

With support for dual-mode LTE-M/NB-IoT, GNSS & cellular-based positioning, an integrated MCU, and an iSIM, the ALT1250 packs a punch without compromising on size.

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Robust Security

Security is at the core of the ALT1250 modem. With a hardware-based secure element and an integrated SIM (iSIM), the ALT1250 provides a robust foundation for protecting your IoT devices and data. The iSIM meets the stringent security requirements set by tier-1 mobile network operators, ensuring your devices remain secure throughout their lifecycle.


Seamless Integration

The ALT1250 modem incorporates all the essential components needed for rapid development and deployment of cellular IoT applications. Its integrated application MCU, running on a separate power domain, allows for easy customization and development of user applications. The ALT1250 also offers a comprehensive set of interfaces and protocols, making it simple to integrate with your existing ecosystem.

With the ALT1250, you can focus on creating innovative IoT solutions while leveraging the modem’s advanced capabilities and global connectivity. Experience the power of secure, reliable, and efficient cellular IoT connectivity with the ALT1250 dual-mode LTE-M/NB-IoT modem.