ALT1250: CAT-M & NB-IoT and 2G Fallback

Ultra Low Power, ultra Small, Most Secured and Highly Integrated cellular IoT Chipset

We’ve all had a time when we wish we had a remote connection. Businesses profit with global shipment tracking, utility providers streamline with remote meters, retailers predict trends with secure inventory management, and families reunite with their pet who took an independent stroll.

Instant connectivity to a low-power NB-IoT (NarrowBand IoT) or CAT-M network without the headache of continuous charging, is something we all need.

Designed for cellular IoT applications from the ground up, the ALT1250 is engineered for devices which prioritize battery life and small size. This full solution, 5G ready, Dual-Mode CAT-M & NB-IoT (narrowband iot) chipset with 2G fallback and optional satellite connectivity (NTN) is built to evolve along with the IoT service and cellular network. Built-in security features ensure a reliable IoT service throughout your device’s lifetime.

Whether enabling smart meterswearablesasset tracking, vehicle telematics, or smart cities, the ALT1250 was designed with device makers and users in mind.


Ultra-Low Power

With a focus on rock bottom power consumption and longevity, the ALT1250 lets your device go beyond what you realized was possible. Imagine a gas meter whose battery keeps running beyond 10 years  or a sports watch that only needs a monthly charge. With the ALT1250, your cellular IoT devices have exponential potential, limited only by your creativity. Enjoy an unprecedented user experience with weeks between smartwatch recharges and more than a decade of smart meter operation. Forget about larger batteries or charging stations, this chip stands ready to perform.


Smallest Size

Enabling the smallest modules in the market, you won’t have to sacrifice size for quality. From smart meters to wearables and small IoT devices, the ALT1250 enhances your product by keeping it small and performing at its best.

The ALT1250 requires just a few external components, enabling miniature module sizes as small as 100mm².

Offering dual mode CAT-M and NB-IoT, GNSS & cellular-based positioning engine, an MCU subsystem, and an integrated SIM (iSIM), this chip remains connected without taking up space. Add in Sony’s Small Antenna technology to get the market-smallest devices without compromising on performance. 


See how device makers are using the ALT1250 in small size applications


Most Secure

With security at its core, the ALT1250 keeps your device and network protected. 

A hardware-based security foundation ensures that your solution is always secured. ALT1250’s integrated SIM (iSIM) sets the bar for the security level mandated by tier 1 operators.


Most Integrated

ALT1250 incorporates all the key components needed to quickly build functional Cellular IoT applications. Within a single die, this chipset comes integrated with a best in class CAT-M and NB-IoT modem alongside a low-power Cortex M4 MCU, dedicated for application execution. Network credentials are stored on the built-in integrated SIM (iSIM), eliminating the need for an external SIM along with Sony GNSS to pinpoint the device location. A battery and antenna are all you need in order to launch your device.