LTE-M supporting a wide array of IoT LTE devices.

LTE-M provides low-cost LTE devices suitable for massive Machine-Type Communications (MTC) and the Internet of Things, with substantially enhanced coverage compared to normal LTE devices. Since coverage is a key pillar to all LPWA technologies, it is important to understand how much coverage LTE-M can actually provide. A thorough link layer simulation analysis was conducted to evaluate the actual coverage performance of 3GPP’s LPWA LTE-M technology.

The analysis shows that:

  • LTE-M supports a similar coverage gain compared to other LPWA technologies, confirming it to be a very versatile LPWA technology
  • LTE-M is the best LPWA technology choice for IoT applications requiring higher data rates, low latency, full mobility, and voice in typical coverage situations
  • LTE-M is a strong contender for IoT applications requiring deep coverage where latency, mobility and data speed requirements are less stringent

Download this white paper for the full analysis of how this versatility allows LTE-M to support an extremely wide array of IoT applications which helps to increase volume and drive economies of scale.