CAT-M1 IoT Chipset with CAT-1 Fallback

The ALT1210 is an LTE CAT-M1 IoT chipset with CAT-1 fallback featuring downlink speeds up to 1 Mbps, with extremely low power consumption, and is software upgradeable to single antenna LTE CAT-1. ALT1210 is highly integrated with an on-chip PMU, DDR memory and a low-power application layer with a robust security framework for customer-developed applications, enabling designs with just a few external components.

Altair’s OneSKUTM   RF Technology enables supporting multiple LTE bands with a single device SKU, simplifying global IoT deployments.

Featuring a rich set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces, ALT1210 is ideal for a variety of IoT applications such as wearable devices, video cameras, industrial devices, and more.



  • Release 13 CAT-M1 (FDD 1 Mbps, HFDD 300/375 Kbps)
  • Software upgradable to LTE CAT-1 with single antenna operation
  • Integrated VoLTE, IMS, and LWM2M services
  • Release 13 features including eDRX, PSM and Enhanced Coverage

System on Chip

  • 5th generation Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture featuring maximum flexibility at extremely low power
  • Embedded Power Management Unit (PMU) featuring ultra-low sleep/standbay current consumption
  • Low-power, embedded application layer
  • Secure boot architecture and a robust hardware-based security framework
  • Embedded VoLTE support
  • Robust, carrier-certified and field-hardened protocol stack and L1 software
  • Flexible packaging, available in BGA as well as bumped-die forms


  • USB2.0, UART, SPI, I2S/PCM, Auxiliary PWM and ADC, Camera, USIM

RF Features

  • Low-power RF CMOS architecture
  • Single RF port supporting 450 MHz, 699-960 MHz and 1700-2200 MHz range

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