Press Releases
Jan 12, 2022

floLIVE introduces a new iSIM providing regulatory-compliant global connectivity for connecting IoT devices at scale

London, January 2022: floLIVE, a leading IoT connectivity provider of advanced 5G network solutions and a full suite of cloud-based global connectivity services, today announced it has collaborated with Kigen – a global leader in eSIM and iSIM security, and Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony) – a leading Cellular IoT chipset provider.

The three vendors have successfully developed an advanced, state-of-the-art solution based on Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipset ALT1250 with an integrated SIM (iSIM) powered by Kigen’s iSIM OS and embedded with floLIVE’s global connectivity. The new solution leverages the benefits brought by iSIM technology of lower size, cost and efficient communications, combined with an advanced LPWA chipset for NB-IoT and CAT-M and local breakouts – all contributing to improving latency and extending battery life – key requirements for modern IoT use cases.

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