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Sep 19, 2011

Altair Semiconductor’s LTE Technology Qualified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for Use in LTE Networks in China

Altair One of Only MIIT Qualified Companies with a Commercially-Available TDD and FDD Capable Chipset

GUANGZHOU, China, September 19, 2011 – Altair Semiconductor, the world’s leading developer of ultra-low power, small footprint and high performance 4G LTE chipsets, announced today that following rigorous testing conducted by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), its dual mode FourGee-3100/6202 TDD/FDD-LTE chipset has been officially approved for use in LTE networks in China.

MIIT’s approval of Altair’s chipsets is based both in internal testing it conducted as well as on the results of extensive interoperability and field performance trials that Altair held with China Mobile over the last year.

Altair is one of the only TDD/FDD-LTE chipset vendors qualified by the Chinese regulator, providing significant benefits above competing technologies by allowing subscriber devices to operate equally efficiently both in China, which is based on a TDD-LTE scheme, as well as in FDD-LTE-based markets, such as the U.S. and Europe.

“This official stamp of approval from the Chinese regulatory authorities follows more than a year of extensive testing conducted with MIIT and China Mobile. While Altair is very excited to have successfully passed MIIT’s qualification testing, this is also an exciting development for the market, as our TDD/FDD-LTE capable technology enables commercial devices to function equally effectively on China Mobile’s network as well as on networks around the world,” said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development at Altair Semiconductor. “Having already established leadership positions in numerous other Asia-Pacific countries, we look forward to extending our footprint in the Chinese market and to building on our partnership with China Mobile.”

Altair’s FourGee-3100/6202 is a 3GPP LTE chipset that supports LTE throughputs of 100Mbps/50Mbps DL/UL respectively. The chipset implements a 20MHz MIMO receiver and is based on a proprietary O²P™ Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor which offers performance which significantly exceeds traditional communications DSP cores, yet consumes a fraction of the power. The FourGee-3100/6202 supports both FDD and TDD variants using a single software, and covers any LTE frequency band in the range between 700-2700MHz. The combined chipset offers terminal manufacturers a true global solution.

About Altair Semiconductor

Altair Semiconductor is the world’s leading developer of ultra-low power, small footprint and high performance 4G semiconductors. The company’s products provide device manufacturers integrating 4G LTE technology into their products with a highly power-optimized, robust and cost-effective solution. Altair’s comprehensive product portfolio includes baseband processors, multi-band RF transceivers for both FDD and TDD bands, and a range of reference hardware and product level protocol stack software. Based on a novel, proprietary Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor, codenamed “O2P™”, Altair’s products are the smallest and most highly power optimized in the industry, offering an unmatched combination of flexibility and performance. For more information, visit the company’s website at Follow Altair on Twitter: @AltairSemi