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Sep 19, 2012

SK Telecom, Ericsson and Altair develop LTE TD-FDD handover – Mobile Europe

Mobile Europe

September 19, 2012

SK Telecom has announced that it has developed technology to allow handover between TD and FDD LTE duplexes within a single device — leading the way to dual-mode LTE devices based on a single modem chipset.

It says that in partnership with Ericsson and Altair Semiconductor it has developed a two-way handover technology that supports both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) LTE and Time Division Duplex (TDD) LTE – two different modes of the LTE technology standard – in one device, and successfully demonstrated the technology in a moving vehicle.

SKT introduced the technology to the NGMN operating committee meeting held in Turin over the past two days, and wants to offer the technology commercially to international markets.

The ability to handover between FDD LTE and TDD LTE could enable the use of dual-mode devices that support both duplex modes with a single modem chipset. That would mean that operators who operate in both LTE modes could offer users devices that work in both modes, allowing them more coverage or capacity. It could also offer the opportunity to roam internationally to a country where LTE is deployed in a different mode to a user’s “home” operator.

SKT said that a growing number of operators are using both FDD LTE and TD-LTE.

Martin Wiktorin, President of Ericsson-LG said, “Ericsson is dedicated to ensuring the success of seamless data communications on converged LTE FDD/TDD for operators, so that they can make the most of their spectrum investments and provide the best quality service for their customers. Ericsson-LG keeps collaborating with SK Telecom to drive seamless handover and a well-functioning LTE ecosystem.”

Eran Eshed, Co-founder and VP of Marketing of Altair Semiconductor said, “We are pleased to partner with SK Telecom and Ericsson on this project and look forward to the public launch of the bi-directional handover feature in the very near future.”

Kang Jong-Ryeol, Head of Network Technology R&D Center of SK Telecom said, “The bidirectional LTE FDD/TDD handover technology will allow users to experience seamless LTE service even while on international roaming. Building on our strong competitiveness in LTE FDD technologies, SK Telecom will focus on developing LTE TDD technologies and actively seek export opportunities for its dual-mode (LTE FDD/TDD) technologies.