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Sep 25, 2014

LTE Makes Smart Metering Even Smarter


by Eran Eshed,

In a world where everything is becoming smart, from smartphones and smart watches to smart homes and smart cities, having metering systems that require on-site readings by technicians is passé and inefficient.

That’s why utilities were among the first vertical markets to implement machine-to-machine (m2M) communications solutions, leading us to today, where we are seeing a shift toward smart metering systems. Regulation supports this initiative. The EU Third Internal Energy Package (IME 3), for example, required member states to perform a cost-benefit analysis of smart meter rollout by September 2012. Where positive, member states were to prepare a timetable to implement smart metering systems “with at least 80% of consumers attached to smart electricity metering systems by 2020.” These regulations are being followed by countries such as the U.K., where the Smart Meter Implementation Programme has been put in place.

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