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Aug 22, 2012

Lantiq Enables VoLTE for Broadband Wireless Gateways – BetaNews


August 22, 2012

Lantiq, a leading supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies, today announced two collaborations with leading providers of client software that enables rich, native communications services for 4G LTE clients.  Lantiq will offer integration and test support for each company’s Voice over LTE software with the Lantiq XWAY™ GRX Gateway Platform, providing networking OEMs and carriers with a path to faster deployment of wireless broadband enabled home gateways.

The collaboration with D2 Technologies and Ecrio Inc. expand on Lantiq’s commitment to accelerate its customers’ time-to-market and design flexibility in the emerging fixed wireless broadband market. Lantiq began building its ecosystem supporting broadband wireless services in 2011, when it announced collaboration with LTE-chipset supplier Altair Semiconductor.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a software stack built around the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) that provides native voice and other rich media services on the digital LTE networks now being rolled out worldwide.  These software platforms run on the Lantiq network processor in a Gateway design, which allows equipment providers to quickly integrate support for the next-generation wireless standard into customer premise equipment.

Products Involved in Collaboration

D2 Technologies is the developer of mCUE 4G and vPort, advanced IMS VoLTE and RCS software solutions that offer IMS IP communications services such as HD voice, real time video call, instant message, presence, SMS and VCC on 4G mobile networks.

Ecrio, Inc. offers its commercially deployed Mobile Communications Client Suite (MCCS) powered by FlexIMS™ Architecture, which supports such 4G/LTE services as Voice, Video, SMS and other Rich Communication Suite Services.

The Lantiq XWAY™ GRX Gateway Platform includes a powerful multi-core network processor and proven Universal Gateway software stack for core networking functions and support for Lantiq’s broad connectivity and voice product portfolio, including Fast/Gigabit-Ethernet, WLAN, and DECT/CAT-iq solutions.


Stephane Teral, author of the Infonetics Research Mobile VoIP and Subscribers Market and Forecasts (June 2012): “Over the long-term, VoLTE will dominate the world as LTE will become the universal mobile broadband platform. Carriers will make it an integral part of service offerings and a majority of handsets that support the capability will become available. With concurrent growth in use of LTE for fixed broadband access, integrating the same rich media services into next-generation home gateways will allow carriers to reap the full value of the investment in LTE infrastructure.”

Doug Makishima, chief operating officer for D2 Technologies: “Lantiq’s gateway platform is at the forefront of meeting the demand for equipment that can enable advanced communications in the home.  D2 has a long history of partnering with the best in the industry, and we welcome the opportunity to work with Lantiq.  Our collaboration gives OEMs and carriers the best and most economical way to quickly develop CPE equipment that delivers advanced carrier-grade VoLTE solutions on LTE networks.”

Michel Gannage, Founder and CEO of Ecrio: “We are very excited to work with Lantiq, the leading supplier in the gateway market. This is a very significant milestone in our evolution as we enter the global wireless broadband market with our FlexIMS architecture, already adopted by mobile 4G/LTE carriers and device makers. We are committed to help Internet gateway vendors accelerate the deployment of LTE services.”

Dirk Wieberneit, Head of the Customer Premises Equipment Business Unit of Lantiq: “These cooperations mark the next step in our LTE Gateway strategy. Last year saw a significant increase of LTE CPE deployments by major carriers and now we expect VoLTE to enter the mass market. As we develop an ecosystem of solution providers specifically for this new segment of the home broadband market, we add valuable services to our portfolio.”


Prospective customers can engage with Lantiq in October on development of designs based on Lantiq’s LTE Gateway Reference System and VoLTE software from either D2 Technologies or Ecrio. Reference designs will be available in early 2013.