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Jan 19, 2014

HP’s Chromebook 11 gets data access on the go with 4G LTE support via Verizon

Tech Shout 

By: Demetrius Crasto

HP’s Chromebook 11 got off to a good start despite the charger overheating issues. And now, the company has now added a new option which allows you to access the internet while on the move by incorporating 4G LTE support which is being provided by Verizon. The new model has gone one sale via Best Buy for $379.

The HP Chromebook 11 was launched back in October and it’s amongst the few laptops to come powered by a dual core Exynos 5 processor from Samsung. This one features the 5250 SOC that’s designed with Cortex A15 cores. For 4G LTE connectivity, the company has thrown in a FourGee-3100/6202 chipset which is designed by Altair Semiconductor. This makes it the first in the 11-inch series to offer 4G LTE data access on the go.

Having a cellular data connection on a Chromebook will be quite useful considering that the OS is highly dependent on the cloud. Well, 4G LTE is certainly not a cheap solution, but it sure beats searching for Wi-Fi when you travel a lot. The HP Chromebook 11 offers an HD LED backlit IPS display for crisp visuals and where memory is concerned, you get 16GB of eMMC storage and 2GB of RAM. The company has also thrown in a couple of USB ports to connect peripherals like an external HDD or a DVD drive.

The HP Chromebook 11 4G LTE is only available through Best Buy retail stores for the aforementioned price which includes a $50 account activation rebate. Engadget notes that the laptop can be picked up for $279 if you sign up for a 2-year contract with Verizon.