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Jan 15, 2014

HP Chromebook 11 with LTE spotted with $379 price (possible $50 rebate too)


By: Kevin C. Tofel

Earlier this morning, I noted that Altair announced its chip would power the HP Chromebook 11 LTE model on Verizon’s network. I figured the updated model would be available soon, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. On Wednesday, Liliputing spotted the HP Chromebook 11 priced at $379 on Best Buy’s mobile site. That’s a reasonable $100 premium for LTE connectivity and I’m anticipating the Chrome OS laptop will get at least 100 MB of free monthly data. The laptop may also be readily available after official launch. I checked my local Best Buy locations and all of them say the device is in stock. Altair says there’s a $50 activation rebate, so your net cost could be $329.