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May 02, 2019

ERM Partners with Altair on automotive IoT solutions

By Telematics Wire

Altair Semiconductor and ERM Advanced Telematics are joining hands to develop a new range of low-powered and installation-free automotive IoT solutions. Altair Semiconductor is a known provider of cellular IoT chipsets and ERM Advanced Telematics, an automotive technology and IoT solutions company.

ERM’s new set of IoT and asset management solutions leverages Altair’s optimized cellular IoT chipsets to provide installation-free solutions for IoT, asset management, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and vehicle financial services. Altair’s low power figures and extended battery life allows ERM to provide on-board solutions with minimal installation requirements so that the devices are able to remain in the field for up to two years thus significantly reducing installation costs.

According to Altair, its optimized cellular IoT chipsets are the industry’s most advanced, providing the market’s lowest power consumption and enabling the longest battery life for IoT. Commercially available, they feature a hardware-based security framework and a set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces, ideal for integration in a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications.