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Jan 19, 2014

Curved displays for TVs, cellphones next big thing


By: Will Strauss

Other LTE modem tidbits

Altair has announced that its FourGee-3100/6202 chipset has been selected to connect the new HP Chromebook 11.6″ LTE as the first affordable Chromebook with 4G LTE connectivity, and currently the only LTE-only Chromebook available.

The same single-mode LTE chipset is at the core of the Ellipsis 7 tablet, the first-ever device marked under Verizon Wireless’ own brand. Q4/13 was the company’s best quarter ever, so it’s on a roll. Altair’s FourGee-3800/6300 a Cat 4 LTE-A solution with VoLTE capability will also be introduced this quarter.

Broadcom is doubling down on its multimode LTE modem/RF solution acquired from Renesas Mobile, and apparently abandoning efforts related to its earlier-acquired Beceem LTE technology. The company is planning on a multimode thin modem running Cat 6 LTE-A with 300 Mbps downloads in mid-2014. The modem will also have TD-SCDMA capability for China Mobile implementation.

Nvidia’s 500i LTE modem is now qualified at AT&T and Vodafone and at CES the company indicated that it would be showing its integrated Tegra 4i baseband/application processor in a branded cellphone at MWC next month.