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Jan 15, 2019

CES 2019 Recap: Exclusive Interviews With 5 IoT Leaders

By Eric Conn – IoT for All


IoT For All held exclusive interviews with major IoT players including AT&T, Amazon Web Services, Vodafone, Comcast, and Sony to learn more about what they envision for 2019 and beyond.


We had a conversation with Brendan Schaffer, Director of Business Development for Cellular & LPWA Technologies at Sony, to discuss Sony’s vision for their IoT Division as the market grows. According to Schaffer, Sony’s value proposition lies in low power devices. They have multiple deployments nationwide that feature the lowest powered devices on the market. Because the devices are low-power, they have a better performance on cellular carriers and are more reliable than similar devices that use WiFi. As the cost curve for cellular connectivity declines, Schaffer believes the market will see an uptick in cellular devices.

Schaffer believes that in the long term cheap cellular connectivity will open new doors for connected appliances. Users will have remote access to near-real-time data, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance while their hardware receives firmware updates via cellular connectivity.

According to Shaffer, cellular connectivity also offers better security because it’s a managed service. As the world moves toward 5G, Sony is preparing for the shift in which connected cellular devices will be deployed in the field for years. They believe their technology is a step ahead of the competition.


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