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May 13, 2021

AT&T Enables Next Generation Global Mobile Asset Tracking with Smart Shipping Label

By AT&T.

Internet of Things Solution to Help Bring Full Visibility to Products Shipped Worldwide and Help Transform the Global Supply Chain Across Industries.

What’s the news?

AT&T* is connecting a smart printable and disposable shipping label that will help businesses track the location and condition of products shipped worldwide and enable actionable decisions based on the massive amounts of data collected. The adhesive label developed by Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony) is activated when attached to the parcel and tracks every item shipped across the globe.

Why is this important?

Global supply chains have come under severe pressure and disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic as business priorities and customer preferences shifted. Winter storms, port backlogs and the March backup in the Suez Canal put renewed emphasis on need for efficiencies and full visibility across the supply chain. The Smart Label connects to AT&T’s highly secure LTE-M cellular network and sends data to the Smart Label cloud to enable decisions while packages are in transit. It can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems. Businesses gain full visibility into every item shipped during transit and can act quickly on the data.

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