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Nov 28, 2018

Altair teams up with Japanese firm JIG-SAW to provide chip-based comms and controls

By James Blackman – Enterprise IoT Insights


Israeli IoT chipset manufacturer Altair Semiconductor has struck a deal with Japanese company JIG-SAW to develop LTE-enabled sensors for a range of industrial use cases, including warehouse site management and equipment monitoring.

The pair will combine Altair’s Cat-M/NB-IoT ALT1250 chip with JIG-SAW’s software control technology to enable individual control of industrial IoT devices via a modem chip connection, rather than via standard short-range technologies.

Developers will be able to create new IoT applications based on this control mechanism, they said; they reckon on sensors for site management, equipment monitoring, and logistics.

Ilan Reingold, vice president of business development at Altair, said: “Because Wi-Fi is not always feasible or efficient for many industrial IoT applications, cellular is a strategic alternative for reliable, secure and low-cost connectivity to the cloud.”

Hiroto Ozaki, chief operating officer at JIG-SAW, said: “The market is expanding rapidly, and enabling control not only via the cloud, but also within the modem chip layer. [This] offers significant value for IoT users by providing high monitoring quality and stabilised, consistent services.”


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