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May 07, 2012

Altair Semiconductor Chipset For Indian TD-LTE Market – Crazy Engineers

Crazy Engineers

By Ankita Katdare

May 7, 2012

India’s broadband market is one of the fast-growing LTE markets in the world. Indians are adopting to the LTE faster than ever before. Altair Semiconductor, a company known for their low power, high performance 4G LTE chipsets, has now released a chipset optimized for the Indian TD-LTE market. The chipset is also called as “Hornet”. Earlier this year, they brought the LTE Chipset to MIPS-based Android 4.0 (ICS) tablets from Ingenic

Altair has been working with many different leading carriers in India. So, this new optimized chipset has been developed by taking into consideration the performance requirements of the Indian wireless market.

The company’s TD-LTE solution is the first to have demonstrated Category 4 throughputs publically in China and Japan. Altair has declared that they will soon start shipping commercial volume of the newly optimized chipset into the local market in India. They expect the ‘Hornet’ chipset to further differentiate their offering and help stimulate the ecosystem.