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Mar 12, 2020

Altair introduces iSIM and 2G support on its flagship product

By Pablo Valerio, IoT Times.

Obviously, it has been impossible to realize those meetings; the GSMA canceled the entire conference and exhibition.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring IoT Times readers the latest news about IoT solutions, including new chipsets, connectivity, security, 5G, and other relevant technologies.

After the GSMA announcement of canceling MWC, we reached out to the companies and industry leaders we were scheduled to meet at the show, and we are conducting those interviews by phone, videoconferencing, and, when possible, traveling to see them at their offices.

Altair Semiconductor, a Sony company, is a developer of high-performance connectivity chipsets. The company’s product portfolio includes baseband processors, RF transceivers, and a range of reference hardware products.

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