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Jan 15, 2014

Altair and HP launch Verizon LTE-powered Chromebook 11 for $379


By Matthew Miller

Summary: The Chromebook 11 is a fantastic Chrome-OS device thanks to its great display, compact size, and ability to charge via microUSB. You can now purchase one with an integrated LTE radio for $100 more.

The HP Chromebook 11 is my favorite current Chrome-OS device and I am currently rocking the blue and white one. HP and Altair just announced a LTE version that is available at Best Buy for $100 more than the WiFi-only model.

While I like having integrated LTE in my tablets, I am not yet sold on having it in a Chromebook with the premium fee. You can save $50 on the price by activating the HP Chromebook 11 with Verizon for $10 per month.

This LTE model has a LTE radio powered by Altair for the Verizon Wireless network and one thing that makes it a bit unique is that there is no 3G capability inside. It is a LTE-only, with a WiFi radio too, for cellular connectivity.

The rest of the device is the same as the existing Chromebook 11 with an 11.6 inch IPS display, Samsung Exynos processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB of integrated storage.

I plan to stick with my existing WiFi-only HP Chromebook 11 until I see another Chromebook launch with a faster processor, higher resolution display, and more internal memory.