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Jan 08, 2014

Altair and Ecrio team up


Altair Semiconductor which makes single-mode LTE chipsets, and Ecrio, the 4G LTE real time mobile client software provider are to combine forces on a chip-set for VoLTE.

VoLTE enables carriers to migrate voice traffic from older 3G technologies to LTE, offering spectrally efficient and higher quality calls. Once completed, this migration will enable carriers to repurpose their existing spectrum to LTE and use a pure IP network to provide services.

The FlexIMS architecture allows for the distribution of IMS services functions between the modem and apps processors.

Video calling functions can now be incrementally integrated on the apps processor to add to IMS, SMS and VoLTE functionality implemented in the modem processor.

“VoLTE is quickly becoming a commercial reality” says Eran Eshed, co-founder of Altair.