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Jul 07, 2014

12 Startups in Israel You Should Know About


By BusinessVibes

Israel is home to over 4,000 startups and is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Here is 12 reasons why:

Altair Semiconductor

The world is transitioning from 3G to 4G LTE and Altair is the leading provider of single-mode LTE solutions, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the Internet of Everything. Altair’s chips don’t support 3G at all, just 4G, enabling them to make their chips far cheaper which is why 30 device makers are using their chips in over 80 mobile devices.


BillGuard protects consumers against fraud-like activities that they refer to as “grey charges.” Examples of these charges are when companies sneak regular charges on your credit card, such as a free trial converted into a monthly subscription. Once you sign up for this service, BillGuard will take care of the rest as it monitors your cards for suspicious transactions. Oh and the best part? It’s absolutely free.


Bizzabo is the leading networking platform for event organizers and attendees. This platform integrates social media to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organizers, sponsors and exhibitors to engage directly with guests and seek out meaningful new business opportunities. Bizzabo provides users with information about conferences, seminars, demonstrations, projects, meetups and other events taking place in their area. They have already been incorporated into thousands of events worldwide.


The CheckMarx mission is to guarantee that released software is free of technical and logical application security vulnerabilities through source code analysis. This tool for software developers helps them check their code to make sure it is bug free and can’t be attacked by hackers. Samsung, Coca Cola and even the U.S. Army are using their services while Salesforce is not only a customer, but a partner and investor as well.


Consumer Physics has developed a futuristic product that is something you may expect to see on Star Trek. Their device called SCiO is a tiny molecular sensor which syncs with any smartphone to instantly scan and spit back useful information about any physical object. It can identify food, plants, chemicals, medicine and more. With every scan SCiO learns more about the world around us, so we can all get smarter.


With online content growing at unmanageable rates, Curiyo believes the connection between reader and writer is becoming tenuous and fragmented, to the detriment of both parties. This is why Curiyo built a platform which reduces browser tab overload and instead delivers useful facts on the spot, without the distraction or wasted time involved in leaving the page to search for enriching background information. Others believe in their platform as well as they just recently received $1.9 million in funding.


Viruses, malware, and trojan horses cost the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year and CyActive claims it may be able to put an end to nearly all viruses for good. The founders noticed that 94% of viruses are some combination of old viruses as they are a form of evolution, not revolution. With this knowledge, they are building a smart engine that can recognize that existing code, even when hackers have changed it to escape detection.


ironSource is the world leading platform for mobile and desktop applications. Their software for developers gets their apps found, installed and helps them generate money. They have recently expanded into China.


Are you tired of everyone saying your name incorrectly? Namez exists in order to help eliminate the mispronunciation of names. They allow you to record your own name, or the name of your product/company and then place your recordings on your social profiles, e-mail signature, your blog, website and even in your logo. Once people can hear how to say your name the way you say it, they’re more likely to remember it.


ReWalk is designed to help paraplegics and those with spinal cord injuries walk upright again. It was named as one of TIME Magazine’s world changing inventions. With their advances in robotic exoskeleton capabilities, ReWalk may be the answer to wheelchairs.


Sensibo is revolutionizing how we control the temperature of our homes turning the air conditioner into a smart machine. With Sensibo you can control your air conditioner with your smart phone, letting it know when you are about to come home. Not only is this a brilliant idea, they have one of the best ads we`ve ever seen.


This startup developed a unique algorithm it says can detect facial and eye movements in real time and uses them to control and steer applications, games and media. This tool is applicable to numerous facets of our modern world; gaming, advertising, analytics, eyewear, security, medical, and more.