Aug 26, 2015

Wearables: Not Just for Humans Anymore

As a company in the midst of disrupting the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace with new low-power, low-cost 4G LTE chipsets, we are committed to proving that LTE for IoT can help improve people’s lives around the world.

But 4G LTE is not only great for humans; it’s great for pets as well! Smart collars and other types of wearable technology allow pet owners to better connect with (or better understand) their animal friends.

Collars that monitor animals and supply owners with reports on their pet’s health are already widely available. Now, instead of taking your pet to the vet any time you think that your animal is even a little sluggish you can consult the collar and avoid unnecessary visits. At the same time, you ensure that you don’t miss getting your animal care when it is actually ill. As a result, you save money by reserving trips to the vet for things like updating vaccinations and getting treatment for serious ailments. And since we know many pets aren’t crazy about taking trips to the vet, we are guessing humans won’t be the only ones singing the praises of these new wearables.

Furthermore, GPS-enabled devices for pets are quickly becoming go-to products for anybody looking to avoid the anxiety that comes with having a pet run away or hide. Dog and cat collar companies such as FitBark, Whistle and Tagg have jumped to the forefront of pet tracking technology, making next-generation devices that allow animal owners to monitor pets’ whereabouts, as well as their activity levels.

So let’s say your dog runs off, chasing a truck or mailman – a scenario all too familiar to most dog owners and often resulting in the loss of a beloved family pet. If the animal is wearing a connected collar, you would be able to pull up an app on your mobile device and quickly locate the pet through GPS tracking. Gone are the days of posting “lost dog” notices on lampposts. With a connected collar you have successfully prevented your pet from becoming one of the more than 10 million pets lost every year.

Of course, animals don’t need to access to the variety of technical applications that most humans demand today. But the benefits of connected technology for pets is clear. One simple collar displaying a pet’s heart rate and whereabouts can provide invaluable peace of mind, and makes for a sound investment for many pet owners.