Dec 23, 2013

Remain Calm At All Times

Normally, we at Altair try to remain calm, even when positive things are happening for us in the market.

We have a bunch of industry firsts, and our flagship FourGee product has been certified in some of the world’s largest networks.

We believe we have more single mode LTE deployments than any other vendor.

But we remain calm at all times.

At the same time, what’s a company to think when its product is awarded the “Best Chipset or Processor Product ” award in the same week the company announces that Verizon Wireless launched a new LTE-only tablet based on that same chipset?

Is that reason to start sticking out our chests and patting ourselves on the back, like a professional wrestler?

On the one hand, we have worked hard to develop a product and business that can have a dramatic disruptive impact on the wireless industry. Such an award and customer win should signify that we’ve made it.

But we are Altair, and we have bigger fish to fry, both for our company and for the industry.

And most importantly, for the entire world.

So we remain calm.

You see, as I’ve written before, we believe that the faster the industry can jump with both feet into the 4G/LTE swimming pool, and leave the 3G kiddie pool behind, the sooner the wireless consumer will see faster broadband service, lower device prices and improved experience.

And that’s the name of the game.

We like announcing award wins. We love when Verizon Wireless selects us, rather than our competitors, for its new tablet. But what we really love is when we see the promise of 4G/LTE being fulfilled.

Those two events taking place in the same week may have been a coincidence. But what they symbolize is the beginning of the LTE-only era.

In other words, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this in the near future.

The holiday season is now upon us, and the latest and greatest gadgets are receiving a tremendous amount of attention from the media, both on- and off-line.

And that is why we at Altair try to remain calm, even during exceptional times like these. Because these times pale in comparison to what is just around the corner.

I, for one, am looking forward to next holiday season, when we will all be able to see first-hand how LTE-only devices have made a disruptive impact.

And then we can get excited …

Happy holidays to all.