Sep 14, 2022

iSIM for smart metering applications

The iSIM solution is perfectly suited for smart metering applications.

It ensures data integrity, for reliable measurement readings, as well as reduced power consumption and lower bill of materials (BOM) by eliminating additional hardware components as well as an external SIM card slot or eSIM chip.

Another benefit the iSIM brings is the opportunity to provision devices before being deployed, using one hardware product reference SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to support different regions and carriers. This is particularly important for ease of installation and deployment of mass scale smart metering solutions.

Security is an ongoing issue with any IoT device, and particularly for smart metering as it is part of the critical energy infrastructure. The iSIM solution boosts the overall smart meter security grade by providing a tamper-proof solution, certified and compliant with all major Tier-1 MNOs SIM rigorous security requirements.


Simplification of cellular IoT deployments is the foundation of Massive IoT acceleration

At Sony Semiconductor IL (Sony), we address connectivity and security requirements with an out-of-the-box fully functional, secured and connected device. Our ALT1250 and ALT1255 devices integrate a dedicated and isolated hardware sub-system within the modem. This gives it the ability to run the SIM function in a highly secure manner, as expected by the market.

The Integrated SIM (iSIM) was born in collaboration with our ecosystem partners, enabling a new generation of cellular IoT solutions that are affordable, simple and quick to deploy with a small footprint.

Gisecke+Devrient (G+D)

At G+D, we have developed a highly secure SIM operating system for the integrated SIM. This meets the security requirements as well as the functionality of classic SIM solutions. The solution is designed to enable secure personalization in the production environment of the IoT device manufacturer. Our iSIM solution has been commercially established in the market since 2021.


At Sierra Wireless, for the past 5 years we have provided cellular modules to the market with embedded SIM cards inside. We have witnessed first-hand how much many of our customers appreciate the ability to use an internal rather than an external SIM and improve on materials, logistics and security. The iSIM – integrated SIM – takes it one step further, allowing greater hardware optimization, silicon material savings and even further reduced energy consumption. In addition, it is extremely simple to deploy and use.

The combined offering that Sony, G+D and Sierra Wireless brings is optimized for smart meter applications, enabling reliable network connectivity on the 450/410MHz bands, with out-of-the-box connectivity powered by the integrated SIM to ease mass scale deployments typical to smart meter applications.